Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stupid Old Man

Old Man Winter just couldn't say goodbye. Like that guest that eats all your leftovers then falls asleep on the sofa and won't let you call him a cab to go home, so he just lays there snoring and rolling in false teeth and crumbs from the bowl of nachos he fell asleep with on his chest.

Looky here, he smeared dentucream and vaporub all over my window.

Yesterday there was grass and the gravel was dry on the driveway. Today not.

The red polls have given up looking for predators and are down in the hollow of the pots, so I put some black seed there for them.

Temperature is zero.  It has been at least 10 degrees below "normal" for over a month. I'll be snowed in again by the afternoon, unless some global warming comes along and shines it up.

Three jobs you can have with zero accountability: parenting, paleontology and forecasting the weather.I'm sure there are more, these three just "sprang" to mind for some reason.