Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sometimes life can be so fragmented, it can be difficult to focus long enough to make one significant thing.

Lately I've been painting and reading, soon I'll be planting and woodworking and painting. On top of all that I would like to do some fiction writing. All this while trying to earn a living, and keeping the farm going. I'm either a multi-tasker or I have an attention deficit, maybe they are the same thing. Whatever the reason, it is why I have not blogged much.

Here are two sketches I've done in March.

This is a path at Lake Superior in a snowstorm. It's still in progress.

This is a sketch of a mossy log from a photo I took in the fall. They're both done in liquid acrylic.

We now have almost our full complement of birds: bald eagles, magpies, juncos, chickadees, redpolls, red-tailed hawks, falcons, osprey, redwing blackbirds, snow owls, sparrows, jays, sapsuckers, geese. We're still waiting for cranes, herons, wrens, hummingbirds and swallows.

No baby llamas yet, and I haven't decided whether or not I will get chicks this year, I probably will. I like the red sussex cross for their big brown eggs, and they are very reliable and healthy birds. I still have a whole batch of roosters and a couple of Araucanas and danish leghorns from a non-sexed group (i.e. you get whatever assortment of males and females they have) from a few years ago. It's a labor of love though, like the rest of my farm. The man who I bought hay from asked me what do you do with all those llamas?
I said, I feed them.

Love to the critters!