Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Catch Up

Our crabapples blossomed

Some of the farm roads are flooded

We welcomed a new member to the family. His name is Chewy, he's six years old and is a very sweet natured boy. He has fallen in love with the beautiful Kylie, who outweighs him by about 60 pounds. He's built like a Great Dane, is slender, and can run very fast. He's great with cats, and has fit in very well here.

The beautiful Kylie has been able to swim, one of her favorite activities.

The frequent rain we have been having has made for some gorgeous skies. When I go to the city I remember how confining the views are there.  Here we can see the horizon all the way around, which means expansive sky views.

This was over my barn last night.

And so to bed.