Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow and Pink Swallows

This is what it looked like on Monday. Then the sun disappeared for about a week and a blizzard began. We haven't seen the sun for days, just gray and flying snow.

This morning, Saturday, we woke up to sun. It's about -19. This is my front window, frost encrusted.

This is the view of my backyard. We have about 9 inches of snow. It's only November. Whenever I hear the phrase "global warming" I want to smack it out of the air. Maybe it's warmer somewhere, but not here.
Regional warming might be a better term, or ocean warming. But not global. The world should be glad we're not entering another ice age, that would be truly catastrophic. Have you heard of the Heidegger effect? That's a geophysical phenomenon where the oceans reverse their currents. It creates an ice age that covers large parts of the globe with glaciers within 100 years of onset, and the ice age lasts about 1000 years. That would be something to be upset about.

On the embroidery front, here's another baguette with a French theme, this one of a carte postale with pink and gold swallows one one side:

And a fleur de lis on the back:

It is lined with a tropical print vintage curtain fabric, and embellished with a jute burlap bottom. Coming next bagwise: an homage to the Battle of Trafalgar, and a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe.