Thursday, August 9, 2012

What scares you?

I was checking out a horror photography site after hearing a doc on cbc radio one about Joshua Hoffine. He stages scenes of "horror" and then photographs them. After looking at his pictures I wondered about fear -- what am I afraid of?  Not the usual things, spiders, snakes, birds. Not dead things anymore, I've seen my share of dead things out here in the country.
I don't like heights, but that isn't a fear exactly. I mean it's not as if you're suddenly going to be suspended against your will, you have to get up there somehow, so if you have control over that decision why be afraid, since you can avoid heights if you want.  Usually the cure for fear is knowledge.

I guess the things I'm afraid of are derived from the combination of humans coupled with ignorance. Ignorant men with guns. Think Deliverance or redneck rampage. Humans that act out of psychosis or delusion. That would be scary.


The sky has been ever a source of wonder this summer. I took this picture because the clouds were blue. The shadows were blue, not gray, which doesn't happen as often as you might expect.

This was taken last night. The sun set through a thunderstorm, the western sky was orange. We were under a severe storm warning but fortunately there was no hail, only a lot of lightning.  My big girl Kylie is very afraid of lightning and thunder, and I can tell you it's not very pleasant to be smothered by a 200 pound panting dog for 3 hours while she tries to climb on your lap for safety. I don't know if she was always afraid, but it seems that when Miranda and Cricket were here she was more calm. Now that she's the eldest dog, she has become afraid of thunderstorms. It helped one night to put her in the bathroom with the fan running, but she doesn't like that all the time. A thundershirt wouldn't work for her either because it will make her too hot. So she just goes for comfort from mom, that's me.

I found this gal up above my door, doing a good job of catching bugs. She's large, her abdomen is almost an inch in diameter.